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When you have reached the mountain top,
then you shall begin to climb.
                           Khalil Gibran

Qi Gong

Internal Arts Training: Qi Gong & NeiGong

What is Qi Gong?


Qi Gong translates to energy (qi ) mastering work (gong). 

Roughly translated to mastering of one's energy. It is a very ancient Chinese Taoist practice that is part of Traditional Chinese Energetic Medicine today. Qi Gong is a healing practice that involves gentle movements, coordinated breathwork and meditation to optimize the flow of energy into and within the body, and the energy channels and centers. 



To improve health or heal physically, mentally and emotionally.


To clear blockages in the energy system, channels, energy centers, within organs and tissues. These blockages affect well being on all levels, and are many times caused by stored trauma within the system.


To open and activate the energy centers and increase the flow of energy into the person. Allowing one to raise their vibration, reach higher states of awareness and connect to higher self or eternal soul, higher realms of existence, light beings and guardians, the divine universe, Source or the Creator.


Through this increased connection, one experiences a profound transformation and becomes aware of their divine nature, their true soul’s character while shedding the acquired conditioned personality, fears, traumas and illusions. This allows one to step into their fullest potential and align with their soul’s purpose to live in harmony, peace, flow, joy, love, abundance and unity.


And ultimately Qi Gong, is an ancient spiritual practice leading to one's spiritual evolution or enlightenment.



Sifu Shadia Habib

Sifu Shadia Habib’s journey into Qi Gong began in Chinese Martial Arts in 1990 where she was introduced to Qi Gong. More about Sifu Shadia Habib


At the age of twenty five she came to fully understand and experience the energetic healing potential in the body. She was diagnosed with an incurable stage four medical condition. She reversed her condition completely within months of diagnosis through her understanding of the energetics of the body and its power to reverse disease.  


Using the power of the mind and the breath to lead the Qi (energy/life force) in her body, all affected cells were restored to their original health and vitality.


From here, her soul’s mission became very clear. To empower others to heal themselves on all levels and align with their soul’s purpose, and train others to lead the collective into healing and raising the vibration of humanity on our planet. 


Sifu Shadia Habib is certified by three institutions as a Chinese Internal Arts (Qi Gong) and Alchemy Master. She incorporates this very powerful modality into her alternative medicine practice as an N.D., in her Chinese Energetic Medicine Practice, Craniosacral therapy, homeopathy and other energetic healing modalities.

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