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Clinical sessions are currently provided online until the pandemic situation is brought under control. 

First Evaluation and
Follow up sessions

The first session is a full evaluation, a complete health approach that evaluates the energetic, emotional, and physical systems using Traditional Chinese Medicine, Classical Homeopathic Medicine, Naturopathy,  medical Qi Gong and Clinical Bioenergetics and Craniosacral therapy according to what is  needed. The evaluation will be followed by a treatment during this 1 hour to 1.5 hour session.

Follow up sessions are 1 hour and are booked according to need.

To book a session, please send us a message to:



Clinical BioEnergetics
- Medical Qi Gong

- Naturopathy
- Homeopathy
- Private Therapeutic Qi Gong
- Craniosacral Therapy
- Psychospiritual counselling
- Reiki
- Sacred Activations
- Alchemy
- Space Clearing and Protection
- Spirit clearing, price varies.


Private Training

Private and semi private training is provided online.

For further information or to book a session, please send us a message to:

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