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APRIL 2024

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WhatsApp / Tel. 514 713 8099


A Powerful Life Transformational week with
Sifu Shadia Habib N.D.

April 20-29

with Shadia Habib N.D.


  • Clinical BioEnergetics - Spiritual Energetics - Medical Qi Gong - Traditional Chinese Medicine - Craniosacral Therapy -  Homeopathy - Naturopathy - BioEnergetic Reiki


    Dubai 9:00am-3:40pm
    Online May 6: 8pm-10pm
    1367 AED


A three level Certification training & Master Teacher training program

  • Description: Transform your life by learning powerful techniques to develop your intuition and tap into your soul.
 Learn effective and proven spiritual alchemy techniques to activate and increase your intuitive and spiritual skills. Recognize the difference between your thoughts, your intuition, psychic abilities, and external spiritual interference. Understand how to develop and enhance the different types intuitive skills and identify your strength. Learn to connect, activate and increase the energetic power centres in your system to download the most accurate information, clear your blockages in life, perform readings, and live your highest and fullest potential.

  • Levels 1 to 3: Each level consists of 4 modules of 8 hrs of instruction and practice training. Each level will have 5 hours or more taught in person, the remainder online.

    9:00am-3:40pm - 1367 AED ($372)
    Online May 8: 8pm-10pm

    1367 AED ($372)


A three level Certification training & Master Teacher training program

  • Description: Learn the ancient art of Energy Healing. In Level I you will receive a Reiki attunement, be introduced to the Chakra system, learn how to meditate, how to perform an energy meditation. learn how to perform a sitting down treatment on another person, and you will learn how to perform self treatment. You will then be assigned case studies.


  • Energetic Assessment & Healing Treatment
    Recommended 2 clinical sessions and monthly follow ups

  • Life Transformational Alignment Healing
    Take your life to the next level, identify and release limiting thoughts and conditioning, step into your power, align with your soul's purpose, manifest and live your fullest potential.
    Recommended 2 clinic sessions and monthly follow ups

    Life Transformational Alignment Intensive VIP Package
    This intensive training and healing program is designed to provide the most powerful and effective tools for healing body, mind, and spirit and aligning you with your soul’s divine purpose on this journey of life. Participants will also receive a Transformational Alchemy Level I certification upon completion.


  • 1 Clinical Energetic Healing session 2 hr 

  • 1 Clinical Transformational Alignment session 2 hr 

  • 1 Follow up Integration session remotely 2 hr 

  • 1 Medical Qi Gong Energy Activation Workshop 

  • 1 Intensive Light Body Activation Workshop 

  • 1 Energetic Manifestation & Mind Set remote online Workshop 

  • 1 Self Healing, Clearing & Protection online Workshop 

  • 1 Space Clearing & Protection online Workshop 
    Online workshops will be recorded.


  • Transformational Light Body Activations, Light Codes & Armour

  • Spirit Attachment Release
    Please enquire about price based on 20 minute free phone consultation
    2 hrs


  • Home Clearing and Protection
    Please enquire about price based on 20 minute free phone consultation
    Price depends on size, number of rooms, travel distance, and type of issue


Take your life to the next level, undo limiting conditioning, step into your power, heal and live your fullest potential.

To Reserve your spot today
Deposits to reserve your seat are made online by credit card.
Balance paid in person by Cash
Space is limited, reserve early.
Deadline to reserve April 26 10:00am

Sifu Shadia Habib N.D.

Her journey into Qi Gong began 32 years ago in Chinese Martial Arts in 1990 where she was introduced to Qi Gong. At the age of twenty five she came to fully understand and experience the energetic healing potential in the body. She was diagnosed with an incurable stage four medical condition. She reversed her condition completely within months of diagnosis through her understanding of the energetics of the body and it’s power to reverse disease.  Using the power of the mind and the breath to lead the Qi (energy/life force) in her body, all affected cells were restored to their original health and vitality. From there her soul’s mission became very clear. To empower others to heal themselves on all levels and align with their soul’s purpose, and train others to lead the collective into healing and raising the vibration of humanity on our beloved planet.

Sifu Shadia Habib has 32 years experience in Chinese Martial Arts, and over 27 years experience in Energetics and Chinese Internal Arts & Alchemy. She is certified by three highly recognized institutions as a Chinese Internal & Martial Arts, Medicine and Alchemy Master. She incorporates this very powerful modality into her alternative medicine practice as a N.D., Homeopath and Craniosacral therapist.  Sifu Shadia Habib N.D. is also the founder of Clinical BioEnergetics. For detailed information, please visit her information page

The Power of Qi Gong 


Qi Gong translates to energy (qi ) work (gong). It is a very ancient practice that is part of Traditional Chinese Energetic Medicine today. Qi Gong is a healing practice that involves gentle movements, coordinated breath work and meditation to optimize the flow of energy into and within the body and the energy channels and centers. 


The goal of Qi Gong


1- to improve health. or heal physically, mentally and emotionally


2- to clear blockages in the energy system, channels, energy centers, organs and tissues. These blockages affect well being on all levels, and are many times caused by stored trauma within the system.


3- to open and activate the energy centers and increase the flow of energy into the person. Allowing one to raise their vibration, reach higher states of awareness and connect to higher self or eternal soul, higher realms of existence, light beings and guardians, the divine universe, Source or the Creator.


4- through this increased connection, one experiences a profound transformation and becomes aware of their divine nature, their true soul’s character while shedding the acquired conditioned personality, fears, traumas and illusions. This allows one to step into their fullest potential and align with their soul’s purpose to live in harmony, peace, flow, joy, love, abundance and unity.


5- And ultimately Qi Gong is an ancient spiritual practice leading to immortality and enlightenment


Contact us for more information
WhatsApp / Tel. 514 713 8099

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